Jack-GrecoJack Greco, Project Manager, North New Jersey Office
17 years with Elliott-Lewis

Elliott-Lewis offers employees opportunities for education and advancement, beyond it being a great place to work.  There is a camaraderie in our office and throughout the company. I was hired as a journeyman and over the years, have become a Project Manager in the North New Jersey office.  What I like most about the company is that I’ve never felt like just a number.  I’m always treated with respect and when I call into the Corporate office for assistance, I can count on the people there to take the time to explain things, if necessary or answer my questions in a timely manner.  I feel like I’m part of the team even though I work at one of the satellite offices.

Robin-DolanRobin Dolan, Credit Manager, Corporate Office
26 years with Elliott-Lewis

The people of Elliott-Lewis are very easy to work with.  Upper management makes a point to be accessible to employees.  During my time at the company, I’ve been offered the opportunity to move up through the ranks.  I started out as a credit clerk/collections analyst and am currently the Credit Manager.  My direct supervisor, Mark DeVito is an absolute joy to work with.

Timmy-VorceTimmy Vorce, Facility Maintenance Division
22 years with Elliott-Lewis

From my first day here, no matter what location I was working at, there have been no boundaries between leadership and employees.  Everyone has time for you.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that the owner of the company, Mr. Sautter, knows your name and takes some time out of his day to make sure the employees are doing well.  We have evolved as a business, but we’ve never lost that small business atmosphere where everyone’s name is known and the work they do is appreciated.

Over the course of my career, opportunities have always been available and attainable.  I was given the chance to move into Facility Maintenance – learning something different and new.  This allowed me to work in many different industries, including retail, financial and educational institutions.  What has really stuck with me through my time with Elliott-Lewis is the underlying philosophy that we do our best to make sure that customer needs are met.  Our long term clients understand that when they call on us, we’re there for them – always.

Karen-SinkoKaren Sinko, Sales Coordinator
5 years with Elliott-Lewis

The thing I love the most about Elliott-Lewis is the family atmosphere.  The team is supportive and everyone works together well.  I have trust from my boss and the flexibility to do my job. The generosity shown to the employees and the community is a great thing to see and be a part of.  The company offers many different types of training and continuing education for employees to learn and grow.

Hank-PermiettoHank Piermatteo, HVAC Technician
18 years with Elliott-Lewis

I’m a long term employee and I’ve always felt that there was a standard of respect that exists within the company. I have never encountered a problem that couldn’t be worked out. My job entails meeting with customers and discuss their needs, and servicing and maintaining their equipment.
The company is continually evolving and changing and that’s a good thing. The newly restructured management system is great – it provides us with someone to contact directly if there’s an issue. Over the years I’ve been offered occasional opportunities to stay current with new equipment and industry changes.