November 2012

September 2012

Benchmarking Seminar at Elliott-Lewis


Benchmarking energy and water use is now a requirement for any non-residential building 50,000 SF or over in the city of Philadelphia. In June, City Council passed a new bill designed to make energy consumption of commercial properties more transparent setting a May 2013 deadline for reporting a full year's consumption.  Partnering with Practical Energy Solution, Elliott-Lewis is holding a free breakfast seminar for its clients to show them how this new legislation will affect them and show them the easiest, most economical ways to comply.  For more information or to reserve your spot for this October 9, 2012 event, contact

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June 2012

It’s working


The hours of safety training that each Elliott-Lewis technician receives may feel burdensome at times.  But Jon Rogers is a case in point that that training pays off. Jon was working on the site of a new Elliott-Lewis client for the first time. Before opening a cabinet on a unit, he donned all the fire retardant protection in the arc flash kit he was issued by the Company. He had no idea at the time that there was a fuse holder right behind the access panel. As he slid the access panel down after lifting it from its securing slot, the panel caught the fuse holder and made contact with the fuse connector. The energized door exploded off the unit right in front of him. Sparks flew, but he did not see a fire.  The arc shield was tinted , which protected his eyes and also included earplugs, which Jon appreciated as he reported the sound was deafening.   Most importantly, the electrically-rated gloves protected him from being electrocuted by the energized panel door. What could have been a very sad story, turned out to be a testament to the fact that Elliott-Lewis’ highly trained staff understand that safety [...]

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May 2012

Tom Steiner named Director of Design-Build Mechanical Services


Tom Steiner has been named Director of Design-Build Mechanical Services at Elliott-Lewis. Tom  joined Elliott-Lewis in 1991 and was most recently a steamfitter superintendent.  He succeeds Marc Lichtenfield, who retired as Director of Mechanical Services after nearly 30-years with the Company.

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April 2012

Elliott-Lewis selected as advisor to Vocational Program


Elliott-Lewis Corporation has been selected as an advisor to the Vocational Program at Edison High School by the School District of Philadelphia. "College degrees can cost easily cost more than $100,000 today," said Fran McDonald, Elliott-Lewis' director of marketing and point person for the advisory program. "Sadly, when students graduate, they can face low job prospects and a lot of debt.  Conversely, a student with solid basic HVAC or plumbing skills can look forward to solid starting pay and the potential to earn more than $100,000 a year once he or she has become truly proficient.  Plus skilled mechanics have an opportunity to start their own business and be their own bosses someday." Elliott-Lewis will assist the School District in refining its programs to make sure the curriculum covers the required information plus keeps pace with the latest innovations in their industry.

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John Gerngross Joins Elliott-Lewis


John Gerngross (left) and Mike Palilonis, formerly of Gerngross Corporation of Philadelphia, have joined Elliott-Lewis Corporation as sales engineers.   “We are excited about becoming part of the Elliott-Lewis team,” said Gerngross.   “We are confident our long-term clients will benefit from the range of services and level of expertise that Elliott-Lewis provides.” According to Bill Sautter, president of Elliott-Lewis, “John and Mike are consummate professionals who will enhance the efforts of our Company. We are happy to welcome them to the Elliott-Lewis family.” 

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March 2012

Elliott-Lewis named to Top 100 Workplaces for 2012


For the third year in a row, Elliott-Lewis has been named to the Top 100 Workplace, rising from 14th to 12th place for all mid-sized companies in this year's rankings. The list was commissioned by the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News and was compiled by Workplace Dynamics from questionnaires sent to nearly 62,000 employees in the Philadelphia region. Survey respondents were asked to rate their company and their bosses in a number of areas. The people of Elliott-Lewis make this a great place to work and a great company to do business with. To view the story that ran as a special section in the March 18 Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, please visit: To see Elliott-Lewis' Company Profile, please visit:

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February 2012

Letter of Appreciation from Laura Reese


Dear Mr.  Sautter and Mr. Franks, Please accept my sincere thank you for the two boxes that arrived yesterday.   Supplies and goodies are depleted from Christmas.  A Lt. Col I work with,  mentioned yesterday, how shipments from home appear to be over with….gift  boxes, etc… when your boxes arrived….well, HUGE morale booster. Thank you so much. Just curious, did you get my name from Operation Support Troop?  Since I did not know the source of the gifts, our  security folks opened the boxes outside well away from our building, as a  precaution.  Happy to see nothing but awesome stuff in side.  I left  work last night at 11pm, and to my surprise, ALL the items are GONE this  morning!! I will send you a photo from Christmas.  Our building is a  joint building, we have all branches, all ranks, Government employees mixed with Contractors, all serving a common cause….defeat the  insurgency.   The bad guys are bad…….they just blew up a  local grocery store the other day, right behind our Embassy. Such a shame. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was a huge  morale  booster, Sincerely, Reese, Laura A. USA PB4 CIV DFE-A XO

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December 2011

Elliott-Lewis’ Spin on Santa Claus


Elliott-Lewis VP of Business Development Ed Ryan, Marketing Director Fran McDonald and Sales Representative Rob Komorowski (left to right) delivered the toys collected at the Black Lake Place Headquarters to children at SPIN (Special People in the Northeast) and were privileged to watch the pre-schooler recipients enthusiastically open their gifts with the help of teachers Kim and Chris pictured above. Rob, who organized the collection, had a goal to provide 50 gifts but received 71, insuring a Merry Christmas for many more children this year. In addition to donating the holiday gifts, Cheryl Cole, Corporate Controller, has set up a coat drive and has already collected more than 30 coats from Elliott-Lewis employees this season.

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