Community Involvement: Resse, Laura A., Correspondence photo.

Dear Mr.  Sautter and Mr. Franks,

Please accept my sincere thank you for the two boxes that arrived yesterday.   Supplies and goodies are depleted from Christmas.  A Lt. Col I work with,  mentioned yesterday, how shipments from home appear to be over with….gift  boxes, etc… when your boxes arrived….well, HUGE morale booster. Thank you so much.

Just curious, did you get my name from Operation Support Troop?  Since I did not know the source of the gifts, our  security folks opened the boxes outside well away from our building, as a  precaution.  Happy to see nothing but awesome stuff in side.  I left  work last night at 11pm, and to my surprise, ALL the items are GONE this  morning!! I will send you a photo from Christmas.  Our building is a  joint building, we have all branches, all ranks, Government employees mixed with Contractors, all serving a common cause….defeat the  insurgency.   The bad guys are bad…….they just blew up a  local grocery store the other day, right behind our Embassy. Such a shame.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was a huge  morale  booster,

Reese, Laura A. USA PB4 CIV DFE-A XO