June 2022 – For the first time since COVID-19 hit, Elliott-Lewis led the charge as the first employer to return to the summer internship program with the School District of Philadelphia. Elliott-Lewis utilized this as an opportunity to place high school students enrolled in trade programs in groups of skilled professionals resulting in no less than a 3:1 ratio of Elliott-Lewis employees to each student. Students were hired to perform work well above minimum wage in skill areas that aligned with their chosen studied trade ranging from electrical studies, to carpentry studies, and even safety and graphic arts studies.  Our site leads across various client facilities and corporate teams ensured students expanded their skills beyond the classroom setting while also learning the importance of real-world hard work.  You can read about the return of this program on a piece featured by KYW here: https://www.audacy.com/kywnewsradio/news/local/philly-students-trade-summer-days-work-experience

Employees Who Participated Include:

Jay Ruhnke, Keith Olkowski, Kevin Fretz, Lou Casella, Steve Casciano, Kevin Quinn,
John Dillon, Ian Zepp, Jim Kramer, Karen Sinko, Mary Rose Pinter

Contact Information

The School District of Philadelphia is always looking to connect with local companies who are seeking to hire high school-aged students for meaningful work.  Students bring skills such as office organizational skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plus Adobe Photoshop and Editor).  The School District also has many programs with qualified students in trade programs such as: auto shop, electrical studies, carpentry, plumbing, welding, nursing, and more!  Contact Jonathan Jacobs, internship coordinator for the school district at jjacobs3@philasd.org to learn how to hire these talented students.