Jon Rogers

The hours of safety training that each Elliott-Lewis technician receives may feel burdensome at times.  But Jon Rogers is a case in point that that training pays off.

Jon was working on the site of a new Elliott-Lewis client for the first time. Before opening a cabinet on a unit, he donned all the fire retardant protection in the arc flash kit he was issued by the Company. He had no idea at the time that there was a fuse holder right behind the access panel. As he slid the access panel down after lifting it from its securing slot, the panel caught the fuse holder and made contact with the fuse connector. The energized door exploded off the unit right in front of him. Sparks flew, but he did not see a fire.  The arc shield was tinted , which protected his eyes and also included earplugs, which Jon appreciated as he reported the sound was deafening.   Most importantly, the electrically-rated gloves protected him from being electrocuted by the energized panel door.

What could have been a very sad story, turned out to be a testament to the fact that Elliott-Lewis’ highly trained staff understand that safety is an important part of their job.

Jon has been with Elliott-Lewis for nearly 10 years. He and his wife live in Newark, Delaware.