Energy consumption has a direct impact on the bottom line.  Energy consumption is a major contributor to a facility’s overall operating cost and environmental footprint. Elliott-Lewis recognizes the significance of this and is committed to helping our customers identify inefficiencies and understand the financial impact it is having on the facility. We can help you navigate the complexities of your sustainability efforts. Every dollar spent on heating, cooling and lighting reduces net income dollar for dollar.  The long held assumption that high utility bills are an unavoidable cost of doing business is no longer viable in today’s highly competitive environment.

Investing in energy conservation measures can increase your competitive advantage by reducing overhead and increasing the bottom line, but there are other benefits as well.  In addition to reducing overhead and increasing your bottom line, effective energy management should also create a more productive workforce as a result of a more comfortable and healthy environment.

Green Building Engineering

Mechanical equipment normally represents the largest investment in terms of energy dollars.  Elliott-Lewis has an AEE Certified Energy Manager on staff.  Dave Lafaver, CEM brings 10 years’ experience with a national energy services provider as a principal development engineer and prior to that, 17 years in mechanical services and building automation controls.  Elliott-Lewis’ Sustainability program incorporates not only energy savings, but also expertise on proper mechanical equipment operation and solutions.  This resource, along with sustainability computer software initiatives, allow Elliott-Lewis to provide additional value to our clients.

LEED Certified Buildings

Elliott-Lewis has a strong commitment to sustainable/renewable energy and has the capabilities to provide mechanical and technical expertise for LEED certification of your building.

Elliott-Lewis was the principal on a sustainability project for a Not-for-Profit office and event center in downtown Philadelphia.  In order to help the client gain a Platinum LEED rating, the entire mechanical system was converted from steam to an open loop geothermal system. The project included the first deep column system installed in the city.  This system, along with the rainwater harvesting system for sanitary usage, was designed and installed by Elliott-Lewis.

Our services include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Development and evaluation of Environmental Control and Monitoring System (ECMS) for mechanical and electrical
  • Carbon emission calculating
  • Cash Flow statements
  • Navigation of financing for energy efficiency programs
  • Servicing for LEED buildings to maintain status
    LEED Certified Project Managers